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Race will benefit the redevelopment of the Caledonia Fairgrounds.

The growing community of Haldimand County needs a year-round facility that can host large events for arts and culture, agricultural education, youth activities, recreation and leisure, business and much more. Renovating the Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall will create such a venue. Currently, the Exhibition Hall can only be used from April to October due to lack of heating. It also lacks good acoustics, modern multi-media facilities and accessible meeting rooms.

The Caledonia Agricultural Society plans to implement a complete renovation of the Hall that would, for the first time, provide Haldimand County with a first-class meeting and entertainment facility that can host large events any time of the year and attract many performances that until now have only been offered in major centres.

The new facility will also allow us to expand our focus on youth skills and development, particularly agricultural education, as well as implement new programs for youth.


All this will bring considerable economic growth to the County and to Haldimand businesses through the increased revenues that come with a boost in tourism. The Exhibition Hall will attract new and diverse opportunities to build a stronger community.

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