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2020 Race Update

Re: COVID-19

Dear all,


It’s heartbreaking to admit, but we are not going to be able to be together for the 2020 Grand Caledonia Half Marathon & 5k. We already postponed the 2020 Mudcat races and are very cautiously starting to hope that 2021 Mudcat will be able to go on. However, we are concerned because according to Ontario’s “Reopening Safely” plan, “Large public gatherings such as concerts and sporting events will continue to be restricted for the foreseeable future.”


What that means for very small races is particularly catastrophic. I know that in our case, we invested heavily in equipment, supplies, branding, web presence, safety items, signage, etc and amortized the expected return over 5 years. Here we are, 3 years into a brand new race business that needs at least 5 years to become viable.


We’re working on figuring out a way forward. If we can run live events in 2021, we will do so. We realize it will likely look different, even if we are allowed to run. We understand that we may have to make even further investments in PPE and other distancing measures to keep our participants and volunteers safe.


We realize you didn’t sign up for this; and neither did we.


We are fortunate to be partners with the Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope races and invite you to participate in their virtual event (12 week training program with coaching tips and giveaways, equipment discounts, and charity component), starting August 9, 2020.


Please just send an email to and let them know you’re a registrant of Mudcat or Grand Caledonia and they’ll take it from there. We share a registration platform, so it’ll be easy for them to transfer you.


That said, please know that your registration with Mudcat or Grand Caledonia will be valid for the next time we can run an organized race (hopefully 2021!). And please know you have our thanks for your support of this small, struggling business. Not one person has ever taken a salary or bonus from these races – all our staff are volunteers and all 3 years of registration fees have gone directly back into the business to help defray our investment in materaials.


If, on the other hand, you need a refund of your fees, we understand. We are only able to offer a 75% refund (minus the online registration fees that we don’t ever see) because we simply don’t have enough money in the bank to refund everyone – it would fully bankrupt us. If you do choose to take a partial refund, we will not hold your registration for future years. You’ll need to re-register at that time.


We would love nothing more than to offer you the fantastic race experience that we’re becoming known for – but it’s just not in the cards this year.


Also, my apologies for not reaching out earlier. It’s a terribly depressing year and I was so hoping we’d have better news for you all.


With love and hope for the future – stay safe and be kind to one another,


The Grand Caledonia Team

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